Brand identity is one of the fundamental values of any project or company, a memorable identity will determine a good position in the mind of the user or consumer and will eventually become visits, sales or consumption.

A memorable identity is based on a solid concept and the tireless repetition of standardized graphic and communicative patterns that respond to the main concept of the brand.

The formats covered by this "brandbook" respond to a previous analysis of the main needs of the brand on the date of its construction, for this reason applications not defined in this document must respect the general criteria and the style set by it.

The use of this guide is mandatory in the definition of graphic communication elements, as well as for graphic media providers in general, such as: advertisers, designers, communicators, visual producers and printers, among others.

The isotype represents the intersection between two symbols: the smile that represents satisfaction, well-being and happiness, which in turn forms the first letter of the name Demedós.

The logo is made up of the name Demedós and the dependent identity (service descriptor) which is the words “Because it makes my life easier” both written using the Gotham font, with some variations.

The proportions of the brand will be given by the definition of a measure "A" and "B", which "B" corresponds to the square defined by the height of the bar of the letter "e" of the logo, and the "A" for the height and base of the letter "D" in uppercase.

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