For the visual identity project of the “canton”, we analyze several relevant factors, as the etymology, history and some characteristics that help us to build a conceptual scheme for graphic and representative applications.


The “canton” of “Tilarán”, of relatively recent foundation, has been a transit city for many tourists, due to its proximity to some Costa Rican most touristic destinies as: Monteverde, La Fortuna and Liberia.


In pre-Columbian times these lands were occupied by indigenous people, who inspired the current name.


Today “Tilarán” has 7 districts and almost 100% of Lake Arenal belongs to it.


... "it should not hide within those mountains, on the contrary, Tilarán must shine with its sunset, fly high with its winds, have fun with its lake and demonstrate the warmth of its people."

Graphic concept:
Tilarán has wonders hidden , discover them.

For the visual language, we identified 7 geometric shaped symbols, extracted from elements or situations present in the “cantón”, and also assigned some color palettes to enhance the brand and give versatility in the implementation.

Isotype were generated from the geometric shapes found in the visual exploration described above.

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